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Water, in all its myriad of moods. Just imagine… …the sea, waves reflecting the shimmering silver and gold of the sun’s rays; a babbling brook, its bed bejewelled with iridescent stones; deep water radiating a soft, serene, blue light; raindrops falling from a pallid sky like tears shed by a heart rent with sorrow... The young Latvian pianist, Arta Arnicane, lends all this to your grand piano. With works by Chopin, Debussy, Grieg, Liszt and Ravel as well as Berio, Ķepītis and Žilinskis and more...

Italian Rococo at The Hermitage

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Hermitage in St Petersburg not only housed famous art collections, which were made accessible to the public after the October Revolution, but also hosted glamorous musical events. Catherine the Great had the Hermitage Theatre built, which still stands to this day, and the operas that were magnificently staged there were central to courtly festivities. The idea for this CD came in conjunction with Claire Genewein’s elevation to Doctor of Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands in June 2014...

Live at the Tivoli - Official Bootleg Recordings - Digital only

"The Official Bootleg Recordings" unites the two legendary Tivoli concerts of the exceptional Tenor, Francisco Araiza, from 1985 and 1987, which were personally recorded in Copenhagen. At the height of his career, Francisco Araiza dared to present the incredible range of his enormous repertoire to the audience in one evening. Here the broad spectrum of the tenor is reflected with an incredible freshness and power. It was his personal concern that these recordings were finally made accessible to his fans. He himself designates these two evenings as his absolutely best performances at this time...

2 CD Set "A Musical Friendship" – Sviatoslav Richter Live in Japan

DIVOX proudly presents a re-release these recordings of Sviatoslav Richter’s live performances in Tokyo in 1981, which were unavailable for several years. The young Sviatoslav Richter first became acquainted with Prokofiev’s Sonata No. 6 in A-Major in a private circle of musicians, where the 49- year-old composer presented it to his colleagues. Richter was so thrilled by «the uncommon clarity of the style and the constructional perfection of the music» that he studied it during the summer and gave the first concert performance on October 14 at a recital which also featured his teacher Heinrich Neuhaus...

Bach & Friends

Estelle Revaz is entering the "Hall of the Greats”   This is how the press describes Estelle Revaz's playing when she joined Gautier Capuçon and the Armin Jordan’s Camerata in the Vivaldi Double Concerto. Estelle Revaz is a 27-year-old cellist from Switzerland.   Her first recording will feature Cello solo works by J.S. Bach and their reflections in selected repertoire of contemporary composers. Estelle Revaz belongs to the leading cellists of her generation, received several important prizes and is performing worldwide with great success as a soloist and chamber musician, as well...


„Ich muss im früheren Leben eine Reblaus g´wesn sein …“, singt jener Mann, dem man auf den ersten Blick nicht zutraut, in diesem Leben jemals auch nur einen einzigen Rausch gehabt zu haben! Bei näherer Betrachtung allerdings, bemerkt man dann schon das Spitzbübische, Lausbubenhafte, das aus seinen strahlend blauen Augen blitzt und signalisiert: ”Ich hab mehr drauf, als du denkst!“ Und das hat er wirklich, dieser Max Müller, bekannt aus der TV-Serie ”Rosenheim Cops” als liebenswerten Polizisten Michi Mohr!   Auf seiner neuen CD „Tierisch!..

Dedication - Symphonic Music

Yury Kunets (*1957) is a Russian composer, musician, and producer. Kunets began composing while studying in a public school. From the late 80ies on he wrote lots of songs for different bands and solo artists. From 2004 Yury was involved in several musical TV projects as a producer. Along with author and director Maxim Kapitanovsky, he created two music films: Blame it all on the Beatles (›Rossiya‹ state TV channel) and Don’t Shoot The Musicians (2007).   By 2011 Yury Kunets had accumulated a considerable repertoire of instrumental pieces...

The Violin Battle

The advantages of old master violins against modern violins - or vice versa - is one of the most discussed issues in the world of string instruments. A year can barely pass without a new scientific study, in which they claim to be able to definitely prove which one is better. For the most part, these supposed sensations reveal only one dimensional thinking, which can hardly ever be appropriate when defining a such complex phenomenon as a string instrument. The situation is absurd and confusing, because nothing is more vague than the price to sound ratio with stringed instruments...

«...avec discretion...»

In its complexity and individuality, Johann Jacob Froberger´s oeuvre represents one of the greatest treasures of 17th-century harpsichord repertoire.   For this recording, Anne Marie Dragosits have concentrated on Froberger´s lyrical side, with a strong tendency towards the French taste; however, as „postcards“ from his southern travels, three toccatas and a set of variations written in the Italian style are also included.   Anne Marie Dragosits was born in Tyrol...

Frühling in Wien: Springtime in Vienna

Manfred Honeck leads the prestigious Wiener Symphoniker on a musical journey through Austria   For more than 40 years the Wiener Symphoniker’s traditional Springtime in Vienna concert has been one of the great highlights of the Austrian capital’s musical calendar. Broadcast on live TV, featuring renowned conductors and a bouquet of spirited melodies the orchestra has thus driven out the winter and rang in the arrival of the new season...
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