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4 for peace

An important feature of the ensemble CelloPassionato is its regular cooperation with composers. Its close ties with the composer create proximity to the work, inspire the interpretation and generate the feeling of being able to "read between the lines". All the compositions recorded on this CD are a product of this cooperation. The works by Ali-Sade and Gubaidulina are released here as premiere recordings, whereas the works by Bonato and Kerer were written for the ensemble, premiered and subsequently recorded.   For over 15 years, Prof. Julius Berger has been running an ensemble made up of his finest students...

Dohnanyi Dvorak Suk

Ensemble Raro joined forces with the violinist Andrej Bielow to record three jewels of the Romantic chamber repertoire - Antonin Dvorak's Piano Quartet in E Flat Major, Erno Dohnanyi's First Piano Quintet and Joseph Suk's Elegie. The result leaves a singular impression on the listener. An unaffected sincerity of the five performers takes it's roots from the profound respect they had developed for each other's musical identity. Complete identification with the musical material coupled with truly Romantic imagination makes for a very fine listening experience...

Bayreuth Erlebt - Erinnerungen an Wolfgang Wagner

In Erinnerung an Wolfgang Wagner, Enkel des Komponisten Richard Wagner und langjähriger Chef der Bayreuther Festspiele, erscheint im Wagnerjahr bei Solo MUSICA das Doppelalbum “Bayreuth Erlebt”. “Bayreuth Erlebt”  wurde im Kulturjahr 1995 im Grand Théâtre der Stadt Luxemburg aufgezeichnet. Damals stand Wolfgang Wagner im Mittelpunkt eines Abends umgeben von Künstlern, die in Bayreuth Geschichte geschrieben haben, und erzählte wichtige Momente aus seinem langjährigen Intendantenleben...

Sacred and Profane

Benjamin Britten(1913-1976), the creator of the epic War Requiem, is rightly regarded as the most important English composer of the 20th century. His works for a cappella choir show an overwhelming variety of styles, texts, and compositional techniques. And for these, choirs are extremely grateful. Benjamin Britten, who was known not only as a composer but also as an experienced practitioner, was able to precisely gauge the possibilities of each respective performer; he knew exactly which details in the score were necessary to achieve the desired effect...

Escapades (CD + 2 LP Vinyl)

The saxophone was named after the Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax. Whether as a solo instrument or as part of the orchestra, it seldom appears in concert halls and opera houses today. Nonetheless, before the instrument found its his true home - the world of jazz  - it was to be heard in classical music. Its first prominent appearance was in Georges Bizet's incidental music to Daudet's L'arlésienne in 1872, yet it failed to establish itself in the orchestra. There are however countless chamber works for the saxophone and many concertos for saxophone and orchestra...


Who knows not the milkman Tevye and his wonderful song about the richness of although possible, but extremely unlikely in the near future. After Shmuel Rodenskys hit, the Yiddish song disappeared from the music scene quickly and comprehensively. There however it returns now probably, what Sharon Brauner’s album "Jewels" may carry a significant complicity. The Berlin lady, 43 years old comes from a family who five decades certain with the German movie business of the last as actress in moving images of diverse genres quite its share, but now she is clearly on the music...

Strauss Lieder

Do you like Strauss Lieder? You will love it, after listen to this wonderful CD! It is almost unbelievable how colourful, these pieces are going to be, when Christiane Oelze goes on it to sing. Oelze has done the right thing, to select this repertoire for her currant CD, it seems, that these songs are made for her wonderful sounding voice and their vital artistic personality. Richard Strauss was a colossal melodic, a brilliant Orchestrator, and a great Narrator. On this CD you will get to know all the creative periods...

Peace - Pieces (Buch und CD)

Das Leopold-Mozart-Zentrum der Universität Augsburg initiierte unter Leitung von Prof. Julius Berger im Studienjahr 2010/2011 das wissenschaftlich/künstlerische Projekt „Friedensstadt Augsburg“. Ausgehend vom Geist der historischen Bemühungen und Errungenschaften in Augsburg wurden Studierende des Leopold-Mozart-Zentrums und Schüler der International School Augsburg (ISA) mit künstlerischen und wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen zum Thema „Frieden“ konfrontiert. Die Resultate dieses sich über ein Jahr erstreckenden Arbeitsprozesses sind in diesem Buch zusammengefasst...

Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 6

Live recording from the great Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna   The label of "Wiener Symphoniker" releases another memorable recording as a double CD with Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 6 in a minor.   Recorded under the direction of Chief conductor Fabio Luisi, this Symphony stands in a direct, historical reference between the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and the composer: the Viennese premiere of Symphony No. 6 with the Wiener Symphoniker - at that time still under the name of their founder "Vienna Concertverein" - and Gustav Mahler conducted this concert by himself...

“Wahlverwandtschaften” Werke von Schubert, Schumann, Andreae, Käser und Lee

The German term Wahlverwandtschaften "elective affinities" was originally used to describe the tendency of chemical substances to separate from their original compound to combine with elements of another compound. Goethe adapted it in referring allegorically to the fate of the two couples dealt with in his 1809 novel of the same name.   The works presented on this CD are grouped in accordance with the idea of elective affinities...
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