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Arthur Honegger - Symphony No. 3 "Liturgique" and No. 1

This is the second of two productions on the just established in-house label of the Sinfonieorchester Basel. The label is maintained worldwide by Solo Musica.   The Basel Symphony Orchestra (Sinfonieorchester Basel) is one of Switzerland's major orchestras and appears both in concert and at the opera house. For decades it has produced a wide array of highlights under the batons of such conductors as Felix Weingartner, Hans Münch, Moshe Atzmon, Matthias Bamert, Gary Bertini, Pierre Boulez, Armin Jordan, Nello Santi, Mario Venzago and Walter Weller...

Guitarissimo " The Original "Extended Remastering"

Der Name wurde 1979 von Peter Horton geprägt, als er und Sigi Schwab in einer TV-Sendung ad hoc miteinander musizierten und damit einen Begeisterungsorkan auslösten. Aus der explosiven Spielfreude entstand damals nach intensiven Kompositionsvorarbeiten bald das erste Album unter dem Logo „Guitarissimo“. Zusammen mit der nachfolgenden LP „Guitarissimo-Confiança" lagen die Verkaufszahlen bald bei etwa 450.000 Exemplaren. Peter Horton und Sigi Schwab füllten damals mit nur zwei Gitarren und vier Händen Hallen bis zu 5000 Konzertbesuchern...

Sergej Prokofiev: Cello Concerto Op. 125, Romeo & Julia - First Suite Op. 64

Vibrant young cellist YuJeong Lee is emerging as a dynamic presence on the international concert stage and is one of the most sought-out Korean cellists of her generation. Ms. Lee's warm, lush tone, tremendous musical sensitivity and adventurous performances have earned plaudits from audiences, critics, competition juries alike...

Pasión Poética - buenos aires hora cero

The title of this SAXISMTANGO album is "Pasión poética" - poetic passion. The cosmopolitan ensemble's passion is the tango, which the three musicians grew up with in Buenos Aires and Montevideo.   The group adds saxophones and clarinets to the traditional tango instruments bandoneón, guitar, piano and double bass. That creates a unique instrumental sound which largely bears the stylistic stamp of Marcelo Nisinman's composition and arrangements. Tango songs authentically interpreted by the singer Marcela Arroyo represent another focal point in the album...

Il Viaggio

Marianna Shirinyan about some of the works:   Mansurian: Mr. Mansurian was very supportive towards my trio some years ago. His "Three Pieces for the Low Keys" written in 1979 are all composed in the keys and rhythms of Armenian folk music. The third piece, for example, is in the 6/8-dance rhythm typical of Armenian music.   Berg: Berg waited a long time before he felt he could call one of his works “opus 1” and the piano sonata is actually his only composition for the instrument that was given an opus number...

Béla Bartók - Streichquartette 1 & 2

The string quartet occupies an important place in Bartók's oeuvre; the six quartets illustrate his characteristic musical style. As with Beethoven, each quartet seems to epitomize its respective creative period. What makes the first of Bartók's six quartets so special is its direct connection to the late romantic period, which does not detract from the fact that he has already reached a very unique and personal style. The second quartet seems to seamlessly continue where Bartókleft off with the first quartet, even though nearly 10 years lie between the two compositions...

It's A Good Day

„It's A Good Day For Singing A Song” – die erste Zeile des Titelsongs bringt es auf den Punkt. Anna Maria Kaufmann hat sich einen musikalischen Traum erfüllt und präsentiert auf dem Album „It's A Good Day!“ eine brillante Auswahl ihrer Lieblingssongs. Der Musical- und Opernstar begibt sich auf eine musikalische Reise und macht dabei ausgiebig Station in den 30er bis 60er Jahren, in einer Zeit als Bossa Nova, Mambo und Cha Cha Cha die Menschen zum Tanzen brachte...

vier minus drei - das Hörbuch zum SPIEGEL-Bestseller

Am 19. März 2008 war die Welt noch in Ordnung. Ich war Ehefrau, Mama zweier kleiner Kinder, Clown von Beruf. Meine Mutter hatte Geburtstag, an diesem 19. März, genau wie meine Freundin Anna. Ein guter Tag, ein fröhlicher Tag. Einen Tag später war ich Witwe. Kurz darauf: Verwaiste Mutter. Vier minus drei, das war ich. „Wie kann man so etwas schaffen?“ Ich glaube, keine andere Frage wurde mir in den vergangenen drei Jahren so oft gestellt. Anfangs fiel es mir schwer, eine Antwort zu finden. Habe ich überhaupt etwas geschafft?..

"Chanson - Vocalise" - Works for Violoncello and Piano by Rachmaninoff and Suslin

The recordings Rakhmaninov himself made are today outstanding documents and reference sources for the interpretation of his works. All important cellists since Pablo Casals have included the Cello Sonata op. 19 and the Vocalise in their repertoire. The contemporary reactions that burdened Rakhmaninov have been nullified by all the outstanding performers who have devoted themselves to Rakhmaninov's works. The fate of Viktor Suslin, born in Miass in the Urals on June 13, 1942, has been similar to that of Rakhmaninov...

Double Bass goes Beethoven - Beethoven Cello Sonatas with Double Bass Vol. 1

WORLD PREMIER RECORDING OF ALL BEETHOVEN’S CELLO SONATAS ON DOUBLE BASS (Volume 1) In 1799 Beethoven himself played the piano part in his Sonata in G minor, Opus 5, no. 2 with the greatest double bass player of the day, Domenico Dragonetti. This fact made a strong impression on me even as a boy, and I dreamed that one day I too might play a Beethoven sonata on the double bass. Beethoven’s work decisively shaped my musical development and career. I was sixteen years old when I first played a Beethoven symphony, his Seventh, in an orchestra...
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