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More than Bolero

Literature music collage over Maurice Ravel on the basis of the novelful Biografie of Jean Echenoz „Ravel“   Jean Echenoz, French writer and owner of the most important French literary award, the Prix Goncour, wrote a congenial biography over one of the most important musicians of the 20th century, Maurice Ravel.   This CD brings us the human Ravel behind the composer, who is often reduced to injustice on the Bolero. Ravels always same answer to the standard question about its masterpiece: „The Bolero naturally. It harms only that he does not contain music “...

Casanova - Meine Flucht aus den Bleidächern

With music of well known Venice composers presented by the “Zurich Baroque orchestra” to a time journey into the baroque Venice with a prominent travel guide - Casanova. Wolfram Berger reads from its reports of „piombi “, the prisons under the lead roofs of the Palace, one the overact, become after times famous scenes of the lagoon city. The selection and translation of the texts procured Andreas Mueller Crepon, which speaks also the inserted quotations and intermediate texts...

Birth Of The Strings - 3 CD Box

The invention of the violin, the violoncello etc. may arguably be equated with the birth of classical music as we know it today. The violin, the viola, the violoncello, and later, the double bass had irrevocably set out on their triumphal march through the world of music and have stayed the essence of classical music ever since then.   "Birth of..." means: The oldest known solo sheet music for a certain musical instrument is being brought back to life and sound on the oldest obtainable yet playable specimen of its kind. Rarely heard pieces of music are thus revived by excellent interpretations...

Duineser Elegien VI-X

Rilke war weit mehr als einer der begnadetsten Dichter, die die Welt je hervorbrachte. Im Kernstück seines Werks, und dazu zählen fraglos die Duineser Elegien, finden sich klare Hinweise auf die Welten jenseits der grobstofflichen Formen. In gedanklicher Reise zu diesen Plätzen wird es begreiflicher, festgefahrene Formen der Stagnation und menschlichen Leids zu erkennen. Auf der feinstofflichen Ebene der Dichtung können gedankliche Muster wirkungsvoll transzendiert werden, um dann in unserem Alltag Veränderung willkommen zu heißen...

Wie ein Traum am Rande der Unendlichkeit - Weltersteinspielungen von Harald Genzmer

Harald Genzmer wrote the works for flute and piano presented here in 2003 and 2004, in the last years of his life.   His music is full of vigour and energy, humour and charm; it is timeless and life-affirming.   "When I am finally no longer on this planet, you will at least have something of me ...". With those words Harald Genzmer dedicated to Margarita Höhenrieder his last great work, a vision of parting "like a dream on the verge of endlessness". It was also its express desire to specify this work with probably at present the best Flute-player Emmanuel Pahud...

Central Europe Works for Cello and Piano by Schubert, Dvorak, Janàcek, Martinu and Bartok

This recording presents Schubert's famous Arpeggione Sonata, together with several other works by Central European composers. The theme "Central Europe" thus threads right through. Why did I select this programme? Aside from my love for the works of Franz Schubert, I am particularly attracted by the music of central and eastern Europe.  Dvorák, Janácek, Martinu and Bartók composed a whole series of works for cello and piano. Fascinated by their tonal language, which was greatly influenced by the folk songs of their respective countries, I have long cherished the idea of recording these works...

Birth Of The Violin

This release is part of the successful Solo Musica "Birth of …" series, aimed at presenting to listeners the oldest known compositions of music for solo instruments and formations played on the oldest available and still playable instruments.   The first two CDs in the series, "Birth Of The Cello" and "Birth Of The String Quartet" have already won several prizes such as the prestigious German ECHO Award for "Birth Of The String Quartet" featuring the renowned Casal Quartet.   This time it is the turn of the violin...

Miku Nishimoto-Neubert plays Bach

Bach displays a notable awareness of a career success and public acclaim in these, his most important and best loved works for keyboard. Whilst playing down the less popular contrapuntal and melodically orientated elements of the “gallant” style, Back seems to favour a more instrumentally-oriented style of virtuosic writing. It was, after all, Bach’s prerogative to defend and to build on his high reputation as one of Germany’s preeminent keyboard players. The exact date of composition of these works is not known...

Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 7 - Romances for Violin and Orchestra

The New Philharmonic Orchestra of Westphalia was founded by a merger of two orchestras in the northern Ruhr area in 1996: the Westphalian Symphony Orchestra in Recklinghausen and the Philharmonic Orchestra in Gelsenkirchen.   The year 2010 has given the Neue Philharmonie Westfalen another opportunity to present itself and the culture of the Ruhr to audiences from far beyond the region, with the orchestra being represented at many levels in the programme of the European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010 - whether within the framework of Local Heroes Weeks, the Henze Project, "!..

Tokarev Plays Liszt - His early Recordings

For some years now, the world of music has been marvelling at the technical skill of pianists who are dubbed a "Wunderkind" in early life, and presented as such on the international stage. Today's star pianists like Mikhail Pletnev, Boris Berezovsky, Nikolai Lugansky, Arkadi Volodos and Lang Lang were all acknowledged to have outstanding talent at the age of about 16 to 18.   Looking back at the precision and dedication of the young Nikolai (Kolya) Tokarev when he was performing concerts at 14 or 15, we can only rejoice and marvel at his virtuosity!..
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