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I often choose works by the Russian composer Alexander Skryabin for my concert repertoire. I am fascinated by his genius for capturing a moment from eternity. I love his playful subtleties and nuances, which we find in our "inner cosmos".  When I discovered and later studied the 24 Préludes op. 11, I noticed that they are written in all the major and minor keys and ordered according to the circle of fifths, like Frédéric Chopin's 24 Préludes. Alexander Skrjabin was very impressed by Chopin's set and used it as a model...


As one who is devotedly and professionally committed to these ancient melodies over six decades, no words can express my overwhelming and emotional feelings listening to this vibrant and exceptionally talented young artist. Orsolya Korcsolan's versatile artistry is unusual in quality, emotional warmth and in brilliant movement tempered with dignity. Certainly her skill and talent put her amongst the truly great young violinists of her generation. This album will indeed be a unique addition to the collectors of classical music who appreciate genuine performing arts...

Piano Solo

Divisive and common. At first glance, appear light in main course of differentiation here, the introverted Apolline Frédéric Chopin, as the Dionysian Virtuoso assoluto Franz Liszt. The charge of non-uniform, if the violation had to be both B minor sonatas – Chopin’s third Piano Sonata Opus 58 from the year 1844, and Liszt's monumental work in the same key-movement of 1852/53 - long fallen, albeit to varying degrees. Rich and extravagantly are the issues that occur when they were forgetting to submit to any form requirements...

Cello Duello

In 2011, Cello Duello will celebrate its 20 years on stage. Jens Peter Maintz and Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt studied together in the class of Prof. David Geringas in Lübeck, Germany. Finding of necessity, for a marathon concert of a master class by a teacher, a closure piece, machined, the duo of Paganini Moses Fantasy - the birth of Cello Duello!..


"I am recording this particular program because of my love to baroque music. When the possibility of the recording came, I just tried to find out my favourite pieces from the French and Italian Repertoire, and it came out on this really great combination. We record three Italian sonatas and three French pieces, trying to show the similarities and differences between both styles. In that time, musicians were already travelling around Europe searching for new style influences to enrich themselves and their art...


After their latest release "Birth of string quartet", played on historical instruments andoverwhelmed with the highest ratings, the casalQuartett is now releasing a new CD called "Intenso". This time in a very different way: it combines three of the most expressive and challenging scores of 19, 20, and 21 Century on one CD. Ludwig van Beethoven eruptive "Serioso" Quartet Op 95, Leos Janacek's harrowing drama of love, the "Kreutzer Sonata" and the limits of playability reaching “First Quartet "Burst rate" of the German Siemens Award winner Dieter Ammann...

OPUS 100

More than the monumental length of Schubert’s OPUS 100 has made the work not only a highlight in the history of music but also as the apogee of the piano trio genre. Getting to grips with this work may feel likeplanning an ascent of Mount Everest. But for a recently established ensemble to undertake this work for their first CD recording is like actually making the ascent of Everest itself...

Beethoven Klaviersonaten

Since 2003, Benjamin Engeli is besides his solo career a founding member of the famous Tecchler Trio, which is one of today’s leading chamber music ensembles. Being the 1st Prize winner at the International ARD Music Competition in Munich 2007, they have been performing in venues such as Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Wigmore Hall London, Tchaikovsky Conservatory Moscow, Herkulessaal Munich, Konzerthaus Vienna or Tonhalle Zurich and have conducted numerous radio- and CD-recordings. Engeli is also one out of the 4 pianists of the Gershwin Piano Quartet...

Tokarev plays Rosenblatt

The music of Alexander Rosenblatt combines classical forms and methods with jazzy vintage features (harmonies, rhythms, melodic lines). Anchored as it is in the classical tradition, his music cannot be considered a "jazzy stream”. Rosenblatt's key message to performers of his music is: ”Please don’t pretend you are jazz PLAYERS!” Whatever the genre (sonata, fantasy, instrumental concerto etc) Rosenblatt’s music always reveals a highly romantic approach. The two good friends Tokarev and Rosenblatt make music already for a very long time with one another...

Cool Rhythm

When black and white notes turn into sound ... The feeling when all of us play together and the notes in black and white turn into music is overwhelming. The sound is warm, full and intoxicating, sometimes almost inaudibly soft, sometimes brutally loud. The Phantastische Zauberträume (fantastical magic dreams) by Siegfried Matthus offer particularly great variety. Sparklingly fast runs alternate with frozen moments, lyrical passages are contrasted with eruptive staccato orgies. To record this work is a real challenge...
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