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Roma Amor

If a non gypsy musician founds a Hungarian band and leads them even as a Primás, this venture can be called easily adventurous. Exactly this happened as the Netherlands Violinist Karel Boeschoten founded the group of Kalandos (= adventurously in Hungarian language) in Spring 2002. Since that time Kalandos is touring successfully in Switzerland, Germany, France and Hungary. The two Musicians Karel Boeschoten (violin) and János Rigó (Cimbalom) form the basis of the ensemble...

Songs and Dances of Life

Members of the Ensemble RaRo are playing Romanian Songs and Dances of BARTÓK, SCHUBERT, MARTINU and other composers The ensemble Raro was created 2004 by four outstanding musicians, whose goal is it to create unusual chamber-musical moments. In order to realize this as consistently as possible, the ensemble prefers the position „Ensemble in Residence “, which has it in Munich, Traunstein, Augsburg, Germany, Bucharest and Kobe, Japan...

Tango Sensations

Due to economic rather than artistic reasons, the modern concert-business opens its doors more and more to socalled crossover-projects. This display of music`s universal coherence sometimes looks rather forced or superficial. Some love the idea and tend to go to concerts more often, whereas purists stay at home. Few genres in music tend to be as traditional and conservative as the string quartet. Its repertoire is vast and features music of all styles since the 17th century. The core-repertoire from Haydn, Beethoven through to Bartók and Schostakowitsch dominates the stage...

Volume 1

Jazz on the cello? Tango only on strings? So that the dance master would please gladly the ladies and gentlemen on the parquet, so that real jazz fans do not feel posed on a serious faith sample? That actually gives it, if the “Rastrelli Cello Quartet” seizes to the elbow. There it goes desireful and in music crosswise through styles and epochs, but with respect, feeling and fate for dressings, which are far more than an other playing of famous melodies...

Grande Duo Concertante

The guitar is one of the oldest and, in all its various forms, one of the most ubiquitous of instruments. The special interest it awakened in the fi rst half of the nineteenth century coincided with the transition in the late eighteenth century from the earlier four- and fi vecourse forms (i.e. with four or fi ve pairs of strings) to the standard six-string form we know today, which has a more voluminous tone and enables more wide-ranging use as a solo instrument, in accompanying the voice and in chamber music...

Opera Fantasies

Astonishing virtuosity and an incredible abundance of arrangements are two of the most important hallmarks of nineteenth-century music. In the absence of sound recording, a great variety of arrangements were made, not only of large works like operas and symphonies, but also of chamber music, songs and piano pieces. The famous violinist Natasha Korsakova put exactly this thought into practice. With its great playing of the violin, she brings us the large opera in occupation with piano into our living rooms. Their special love e.g. for the music of George Gershwin developed already early...

Ludwig Quandt Solo

However rewarding and inspiring an acoustic overview of Hungarian or at least Hungarian-influenced violoncello art can be for the performer and consequently also for the music-loving listener is shown by the present varied programme, thought-provokingly selected by Ludwig Quandt with due regard to the order of the pieces.

20 Jahre Essential

1. Mozart : Adagio und Allegro in f für ein Orgelwerk KV 594 2. Schönberg : Schwungvoll

Franz u. Richard Strauss - Musik für Horn und Klavier

Had his son Richard not become world famous for his tone poems and operas, Franz Strauss (1822-1905) would today surely be one of those forgotten musicians who were recognized as important artistic personalities in their lifetime. Franz Strauss became a living legend as a horn virtuoso, by "breathing soul, as it were, into the unthankful instrument", as on critic put it at the time. Even Richard Wagner hat to admit: "Old Strauss is an unbearable fellow, but when he plays the horn one can't really mind him". This recording presents the complete works of Franz Strauss for horn and piano accompaniment...

W.A. Mozart - Divertimento KV 563 Arnold Schönberg - Streichtrio op. 45

Mozart's Divertimento KV 563 and Schoenberg's String Trio op. 45: it is rare to find the juxtaposition of two compositions for identical instruments producing so many musicological and aesthetic cross-references. And understandably also a stimulus to new considerations, for example about the place that "entertainment" had in the context of the conception of "serious", high-quality music in earlier times or could justify today
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