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Chopin: Balladen, Scherzi & Nocturne op. posth.

With this first album, Islam Manafov connects with his listeners through the works of the Romantic genius Chopin, with whom he has felt a close emotional tie since his childhood.   Using his immense palette of nuances he takes his listeners on a journey beyond time with Chopin’s works that may be considered his most difficult, both technically and musically, with their differing moods, at times wild, at times childish, at times rebellious and at times full of longing.....

Die Entführung aus dem Serail, Bearbeitung für Harmoniemusik

A letter from Mozart to his father in July 1782, four days after the successful first performance of Die Entführung aus dem Serail, attests to Mozart's serious attempts to share in the lucrative yet highly-competitive market for Harmoniemusik arrangements. A furore was caused in 1977 by the discovery of a corresponding Harmoniemusik in the collections of the Schwarzenberg Chapel in Bohemia's Český Krumlov, which in fact turned out to be the work of Johann Went, a former Schwarzenberg court musician, at that time second oboist of the Kaiserlichen Harmonie...

Henri Marteau - Entdeckung eines Romantikers Vol. 1

The violinist, composer, violin teacher and publisher Henri Marteau (1874-1934) is one of the tragic figures of music history.   He started his career as a child prodigy who was encouraged and highly praised by the likes of Brahms, Bruch, Gounod and Massenet before celebrating great successes on extensive concert tours throughout Europe and the USA, and even his critical peer and rival Carl Flesch said of him: "At the turn of the century he was justifiably considered one of the finest violinists of his time...

German and French Songs

"The music is not in the notes, but in the silence in between." ~W.A. Mozart What do these enigmatic words mean…? I believe that it takes a lifetime of loving music to know.   Thinking back on my own life, classical music has truly made me who I am today. It has been a constant companion since my earliest childhood, and, whilst many may recall certain toys or birthday parties, my first memories all include music. My home was always filled with the sound of someone practicing or a marvellous radio broadcast...

Igor Strawinsky - "Pétrouchka (Originalversion from 1911)" - Version for Orchestra and for Piano Four Hands

<Pétrouchka> is the last CD of the Stravinsky trilogy of the Sinfonieorchester Basel under its principal conductor Dennis Russell Davies. Thus, the orchestra has recorded all three major ballets by Igor Stravinsky - each in a version for orchestra and for piano duet.   Originally planned as a Piano Concerto, Stravinsky rewrote the music about the Russian carnival figure Petrushka into a ballet, following an idea of ballet impresario Sergei Diaghilev...

Les parfums, les couleurs et les sons se répondent... Piano works by Liszt and Debussy

The first professional CD release is a decisive step in a young musician's career. Nowadays, when the shelves are already filled with recordings of almost the entire traditional piano repertoire, it is especially important to see a debut CD as an artistic achievement that illustrates the musician's personality, strong points and intentions. In choosing the repertoire, Claude Debussy's first book of Preludes moved increasingly to the forefront, being a work which I had spent a great deal of time on and which awoke in me the urge to express myself...

J.S. Bach: Inventionen und Sinfonien BWV 772-801

Why a recording of Bach's Inventions and Sinfonias in altered order?   The 1723 fair copy of both the Inventions and the Sinfonias has the keys ordered according to the ascending scale (C major / C minor; D major / D minor etc.). There is however no compelling reason to perform them that way; there are musically more meaningful and attractive sequences. Thomas Ragossnig presents one of them on this CD for the first time. He mixes the Inventions and Sinfonias in the same key and performs them in groups of two or four...

Dear Sir or Madam

For as long as I can remember music of all genres was always reverberating off the walls of my house in the sleepy town of Brownsville, Texas. After moving to Austin in 1995 my younger brother Mark and I formed Del Castillo in 2000. Our band was a fiery blend of old world Gypsy Flamenco meets Rock n Roll. It was here where we met film director Robert Rodriguez. We soon formed a movie band called Chingon blending Del Castillo’s raw energy with Rodriguez’s explosive films; a match made in heaven...

My Favorite Trumpet Concertos

The most famous trumpet concertos interpreted by an Austrian soloist and a Viennese Orchestra. Josef Hofbauer is the first Austrian trumpeter in 20 years to record the great works for trumpet on a CD. He is accompanied by the Schönbrunn Festival Orchestra and its Principal conductor Guido Mancusi. “With this CD I devote myself to a journey with the Schönbrunn Festival Orchestra. A journey through various music genres and their trumpet concertos. It is also a journey through my past…...

Acht Jahreszeiten

One cannot avoid thinking about what is arguably the most popular work of classical music. There can hardly be any better known set of melodies in the world than the themes from Vivaldi's Four Seasons. The existing literature on Vivaldi may take up a great deal of archive space, but that mass of paper seems insignificant in comparison with the power of the music itself. Now, in the 21st century, the work has successfully completed its progressive path to globalisation, having found its way into every corner of the planet, albeit often immersed in a variety of crossover sounds...
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