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Alban Berg and Johannes Brahms are surely each among the most important composers of their time. Even if they are separated chronologically and stylistically, there is a link: Brahms was only 20 when he wrote his Piano Sonata in F minor (op. 5), his third and last in the genre. After Alban Berg composed his Piano Sonata (op. 1) he never wrote another. Pianist Florian Krumpöck presents these two contrasting yet comparable works on this recording. Internationally celebrated as both a soloist and conductor, Florian Krumpöck has more than proven his outstanding capability on the international concert scene...

Russian Treasures - Titz - Glasunow - Tschaikowsky

From the very beginning, St. Petersburg - the gloriously petrified vision of Tsar Peter the Great, was a city of art and music. The highest paid employee in the Tsarist palace was a violinist from Nuremberg: Anton Ferdinand Titz. He dedicated his life to chamber music. With his colorful, brilliant quartets in the tradition of the 'Wiener Klassik' he himself founded a Russian tradition around 1800. Decades later Alexander Glazunov made big sensation as a young composing dare devil. During his magnificent 1st symphony he also wrote the 5 Novellettes op. 15...

Joseph Joachim RAFF: «Sanges Frühling» op. 98 & «Maria Stuart» op. 172

Joachim Raff, born 1822 in Switzerland, was an important composer of the 19th century. Franz Liszt – who’s assistant he was from 1850 to 1856 - had great benefit from Raff’s talent for instrumentation. He had influence e.g. on Tchaikovsky, Mahler, and Debussy. Two world premiere recordings: Sanges-Frühling(Springtime of Song) Op. 98, a collection of 30 compositions for voice with pianoforte, written between 1855 and 1863, is a true discovery, followed by the cycle Maria Stuart Op. 172 (12 songs), written in 1872, which takes us back to the busy 16th century...

Being EaRNeST

There are always artistswho stay true to a specific language, imagery and ideals. Their tone might seem modest and their gaze gives an impression to be turned backwards. From William Morris to Brahms, Handel to Goethe, this view has strangely provided them with an endless vitality. Then there are others who search for the Holy Grail only to never find it, for new horizons and new harmonies, burning everything that has preceded them. The divide between the two types, in the musical and cultural world, has never been deeper than in the first half of the 20th century...

Vasks & Brahms: Piano Quartets

With its actual recording of Johannes Brahms Piano Quartet no. 1 in G minor (Op. 25), the Et Arsis Piano Quartet makes an independent, militant contribution to the discussion about the musical interpretation of Brahms. The contemporary Latvian composer Peteris Vasks gives his music the experiences of his people during Soviet rule and transformation time_exp: With its unmistakable signature Et Arsis sets the bar high for the interpretation of Vasks' sole piano quartet.

L Amore e Poesia - Vocalises for Soprano and Orchestra

L’AMORE È POESIA (”love is poetry”) is a song cycle for soprano and orchestra, built around four vocalises and an orchestral interlude. The various pieces were written over the course of nearly a decade, and at very different stages of my life. But they all are connected with each other by the underlying theme set forth in the title.   The compositions feature a wordless soprano, even though I was urged by several of my friends to use a libretto at first. However, it occurred to me early on that the music could be vocal but without relying on words...

Der Karneval der Tiere - Große zoologische Fantasie mit neuen Texten von Willi Weitzel

Karneval der Tiere: tierischer Spaß nicht nur für das Publikum von morgen. Die jüngste Veröffentlichung der Wiener Symphoniker auf dem hauseigenen Label stellt eine Premiere in gleich mehrfacher Hinsicht dar. So dokumentiert die CD die erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit des Orchesters mit Lahav Shani, der ab der Saison 2017-18 der Erste Gastdirigent des Klangkörpers ist. Darüber hinaus ist die CD die erste Veröffentlichung von „Young Symphony“, dem Kinder- und Jugend-Programm der Wiener Symphoniker...

Chopin: Balladen, Scherzi & Nocturne op. posth.

With this first album, Islam Manafov connects with his listeners through the works of the Romantic genius Chopin, with whom he has felt a close emotional tie since his childhood.   Using his immense palette of nuances he takes his listeners on a journey beyond time with Chopin’s works that may be considered his most difficult, both technically and musically, with their differing moods, at times wild, at times childish, at times rebellious and at times full of longing.....

Die Entführung aus dem Serail, Bearbeitung für Harmoniemusik

A letter from Mozart to his father in July 1782, four days after the successful first performance of Die Entführung aus dem Serail, attests to Mozart's serious attempts to share in the lucrative yet highly-competitive market for Harmoniemusik arrangements. A furore was caused in 1977 by the discovery of a corresponding Harmoniemusik in the collections of the Schwarzenberg Chapel in Bohemia's Český Krumlov, which in fact turned out to be the work of Johann Went, a former Schwarzenberg court musician, at that time second oboist of the Kaiserlichen Harmonie...

Henri Marteau - Entdeckung eines Romantikers Vol. 1

The violinist, composer, violin teacher and publisher Henri Marteau (1874-1934) is one of the tragic figures of music history.   He started his career as a child prodigy who was encouraged and highly praised by the likes of Brahms, Bruch, Gounod and Massenet before celebrating great successes on extensive concert tours throughout Europe and the USA, and even his critical peer and rival Carl Flesch said of him: "At the turn of the century he was justifiably considered one of the finest violinists of his time...
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