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Antonin Dvorak - Symphonie Nr. 9 e-moll - Aus der Neuen Welt

Vienna 1958: Karel Ančerl wasn’t simply promoting the nation as a model citizen of Czechoslovakia, rather, wherever he was in the world, he spread his very own humanistic attitude. Yet he never forgot his Bohemian roots. He championed the unpopular oeuvre of Bohuslav Martinů in equal measure to being honoured for his sublime interpretations of works by Leoš Janaček. To this day, his recordings of the music of Antonin Dvořak stand as expressive testaments in sound to a hard-won identity...


Metamorphoses - for me - has always been a concept taken from the script of a film noir and occasionally translated into real life - or culled from a Hitchcock movie or from Alice in Wonderland. From a purely aesthetic (and artistic) point of view I have been especially interested in two things - creating the “inexistent” and transforming “worlds”, and also in consolidating what is invisible to the human eye, or what is inaudible to the human ear. But music should never be only a mirror reflecting reality just as we see it. It has ever been a window that opens up only to the artistic imagination...

Of Madness and Love - Orchestral Works by Hector Berlioz Inspired by William Shakespeare

«My life is a novel which interests me very much», Hector Berlioz allegedly once said to a friend. For this reason in 1848 – at the age of 45 – he began writing his memoires. When the work was published posthumously in 1870 the public was astonished by the candour and literary prowess with which Berlioz described the course of his life. Vesselina Kasarovawas born in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria) and began playing the piano at the age of four...

Ja(zz)smine Rice Violin Mysteries

So far, Viktoria Kaunzner’s career as a violinist has taken her to Asia, to South Korea, her present adopted home. The album, featuring classical repertoire, improvisations and pieces written by Kaunzner and recorded in Germany and South Korea between 2011 and 2015, and enhanced with recited lyrics.  The Swiss jazz saxophonist, flautist and composer of jazz and classical music, Daniel Schnyder (b. 1961) and Viktoria Kaunzner had a "funny, crazy" musical encounter in a jazz club/pizzeria in Seoul in the autumn of 2014...

My Dusty Gramophone

My love-affair with historic recordings began long before I started to play violin. Recordings by Jascha Heifetz, Ginette Neveau and Ida Haendel, which my family owned on vinyl and which I listened to obsessively as a child, were precisely what made me decide to become a violinist. For me, there is something that is extra special in the vintage studio recordings, in particular those of Jascha Heifetz's: something so personal in that soft, dry, close-up sound!..

Franz Schubert - Symphony No.2 and No. 6

This CD isafter theSymphonies No. 3, 5 and 8, the third release of theBasel Symphony Orchestra’s Schubert series of  all of its symphonies. Schubert’s symphonies were designed for a ‘big audience’, but during his lifetime they were, at best, only performed in the semi-public rooms of the Seminary and those of the amateur orchestra. It was not until barely a month after his death that the first truly representative performance took place through the Society of Friends of Music (Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde) in Vienna...


Als bayerischer Polizeiobermeister „Michi Mohr“ in der ZDF Erfolgsserie „Die Rosenheim-Cops“ ist er längst Kult! Jetzt legt der Künstler eine wunderbare CD mit Weihnachtsliedern in neun Sprachen und Weihnachtstexte aus drei Jahrhunderten vor. Max Müller: „Ich bin in Kärnten aufgewachsen, wo man, theoretisch, die Möglichkeit hat, in drei Sprachen Weihnachten zu feiern: Deutsch, Slowenisch und Italienisch...

"Das Lied von der Erde" - Symphony for tenor, alto and Orchestra

This recording bears witness to Carlos Kleiber’s sole encounter with Gustav Mahler. Prior to this, he had never conducted a work by the composer, and he would never do so again. Given how extremely selective he was in his choice of repertoire, this was certainly an exceptional case. The only work by Wagner that he had ever studied was Tristan und Isolde, for example, yet he conducted it quite a few times in Stuttgart (1969), as well as Vienna (1973), Bayreuth (1974 – 76), and Milan (1978). But he had not yet achieved this [elite] status in 1967...

Trio Cremeloque

Casimir-Théophile Théodore Lalliet (1837-92) was a French composer, conductor and solo oboist at Paris Opera Orchestra. His music is not so largely known. It gets the opportunity to be launched on the map of “classical music that still matters” (L. Kramer) on this CD.   Unlike Terzetto by Lalliet, Pavane pour une infante défunte (1899) by Maurice Ravel is a well known and much performed piece originally written for piano, and arranged by the composer for xxx orchestra in 1910. It gets a new timbre performed by Cremeloque Trio...

Goldberg Variations BWV 988

When she recorded Bach’s great set of variations in Basel’s Hans Huber Hall, Anastasia Voltchok was keen to play right through the work only twice on one and the same day. A high degree of concentration and vital energy are the preconditions for such a bold undertaking, to say nothing of the most thorough preparation and years of experience on the concert podium. The advantages of avoiding short takes are self-evident: constant tension over long stretches and organic transitions from one variation to the next in terms of tempo, dynamics and continuity of expression...
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