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Guitar Freaks

On this disk you will find our own versions of some well known pop-rock, folk and classical tunes and a couple of our own compositions. When making an instrumental arrangement of a song the challenge is that you lose the lyrics which change and are only left with the melody that is always the same. There are only a few songs such as Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody that have enough musical material to keep an instrumental version sound interesting. That is why in most arrangements we added our own musical ideas which we hope make well known songs appear fresh and original...


"It has always been my dream to present the two great 'Golds', two of my favorite composers together on a CD.   The light, fragrant classic sounds of Vienna from Goldmark, and the refined, 'Oscar' winning Hollywood melodies of Korngold have something in common - they unfold together is an almost magical effect. I was fascinated as a child, when I heard the name Carl Goldmark. The hall of the Jewish community in Budapest where I did my first gigs bears his name, the greatest of Hungarian-Jewish romantic Goldmark. I wanted to play his music...

Klavierkonzerte Schumann & Mozart - Variationen Chopin

Margarita Höhenrieder and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra with Fabio Luisi are playing on this Studioalbum the most famous piano concertos by  Mozart, Schumann and the Chopin Variations from Don Giovanni.   The CD was recordedat the Konzerthausin Vienna.   Margarita Höhenrieder, an outstanding pianist from Munich, rarely performs in concerts. She is little known to the general public but highly respected among experts...

Guitarissimo XL

Guitarissimo, the primal creation of Peter Horton and Sigi Schwab, which made plucked-string history in the Eighties with its dazzling successes, has now upgraded itself to XL. Guitarissimo XL unveils two new jewels in the crown of sound that is Guitarissimo: Tommi Müller, bass and Andreas Keller, drums & percussion. The two are adept at adding fuel to the flames of nimble-fingered Peter Horton and Sigi Schwab...

Symphony No. 8 - Grosse C-Dur-Sinfonie

This is the third production on the in 2012 established in-house label of the Sinfonieorchester Basel. The label is maintained worldwide by Solo Musica.   The Sinfonieorchester Basel is one of the oldest and most important orchestras in Switzerland. It is strongly rooted in the north-west of Switzerland and at the same time enjoys a more than regional as well as international radiance. The Sinfonieorchester Basel is always again demonstrating anew its excellent quality, whether it be in its own concert tiers, in the Theater Basel or in guest concerts at home or abroad...

No Limits - Legendary Live-Recordings

In my opinion, an opera singer has a rightful claim to recognition as an artist only when it can be said that he has personalized the original composition by placing his own stamp on it.   I look back with fondness and warmest appreciation at the moments when the live-recordings which form this collection were created during the period from 1978 to 2007...

Bach - Brahms

J. S. Bach’s creative potential as a composer was so all-embracing that there is hardly a single musical genre to which he did not repeatedly return. The great instrumental cycles and the monumental choral works are those most closely associated with his illustrious name. One of these cycles, the Six Partitas for Clavier solo, was designated as his opus 1. Bach wrote it at the age of 46 and had it published himself. One suspects he must have taken special care in selecting a work for the accolade of “opus 1”, especially since his catalogue of works to that date already contained many of his unique masterpieces...

Fiori Musicali Triberg

The 1989, Baroque ensemble of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra since then presented a series of concerts with sophisticated Baroque music in the context of the Bregenz Festival includes 13 musicians. These concerts over the years, evolved into a real "audience hit" and continued to the present. This was followed by invitations to the Schubertiade to Schwarzenberg, Fiori Musicali Triberg and other festivals. The special feature of the ensemble is to combine the style and phrasing of the Baroque with the sonic possibilities of today's instruments and to develop as a unique sound culture...

Holy War X

Solo Musica presents the Rodrieg Ensemble on an album that explores the dawn of modern classical music and its continuing legacy - with three late works of Claude Debussy as the point of departure.  The album begins with Syrinx 2 (Mark Rodrieg’s flute-duo arrangement of Debussy’s original work for solo flute), Feux d’artifice (Fireworks – Debussy’s last piano Prelude) and Debussy’s Sonata for Cello and Piano...

Amato Belcanto

In the early nineteenth century, composers commissioned to write new operas received from the impresario a list of the singers in the solo ensemble so that that the parts might be written to suit them. The rise of bel canto consequently had a lot to do with the vocal potential of the female singers who were to play the title roles - the great prima donnas of the day. The opere serieRossini wrote in Naples represent milestones in the development of bel canto. They were all written for Isabella Colbran, and they owed their great success in no small degree to her exceptional voice and expressive singing...
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