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Strauss Lieder

Do you like Strauss Lieder? You will love it, after listen to this wonderful CD! It is almost unbelievable how colourful, these pieces are going to be, when Christiane Oelze goes on it to sing. Oelze has done the right thing, to select this repertoire for her currant CD, it seems, that these songs are made for her wonderful sounding voice and their vital artistic personality. Richard Strauss was a colossal melodic, a brilliant Orchestrator, and a great Narrator. On this CD you will get to know all the creative periods...

Peace - Pieces (Buch und CD)

Das Leopold-Mozart-Zentrum der Universität Augsburg initiierte unter Leitung von Prof. Julius Berger im Studienjahr 2010/2011 das wissenschaftlich/künstlerische Projekt „Friedensstadt Augsburg“. Ausgehend vom Geist der historischen Bemühungen und Errungenschaften in Augsburg wurden Studierende des Leopold-Mozart-Zentrums und Schüler der International School Augsburg (ISA) mit künstlerischen und wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen zum Thema „Frieden“ konfrontiert. Die Resultate dieses sich über ein Jahr erstreckenden Arbeitsprozesses sind in diesem Buch zusammengefasst...

Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 6

Live recording from the great Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna   The label of "Wiener Symphoniker" releases another memorable recording as a double CD with Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 6 in a minor.   Recorded under the direction of Chief conductor Fabio Luisi, this Symphony stands in a direct, historical reference between the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and the composer: the Viennese premiere of Symphony No. 6 with the Wiener Symphoniker - at that time still under the name of their founder "Vienna Concertverein" - and Gustav Mahler conducted this concert by himself...

“Wahlverwandtschaften” Werke von Schubert, Schumann, Andreae, Käser und Lee

The German term Wahlverwandtschaften "elective affinities" was originally used to describe the tendency of chemical substances to separate from their original compound to combine with elements of another compound. Goethe adapted it in referring allegorically to the fate of the two couples dealt with in his 1809 novel of the same name.   The works presented on this CD are grouped in accordance with the idea of elective affinities...

Johannes Brahms - Symphony No. 1

If you would believe the "big" words of Maestro Celibidache-.. "The Record or CD is the destruction of the music - because she can be not authentic, honest, acoustic space, she could never solve the emotions a live concert offers”, then there are two answers:   He was right and wrong at the same time. A historic Mono recording from shellac times, nor a current high end stereo - or CD to the immediate experience of concert preserve. Microphones and speakers are technical devices and create at most one (if also beautiful) illusion of a naturally-sounding reproduction...

Love Songs

Love Songs is a dialogue about love and its reflections, created by four very close friends, the pianists Diana Ketler and Konstantin Lifschitz, violinist Andrej Bielow and violist Razvan Popovici. In this programme of some of their favourite Romantic duets the musicians journey through the subliminal passion, bucolic nostalgia and gentle irony of Brahms’ Liebeslieder-Walzer,as well as the intimacy and warmth of his songs Wir Wandelten and Wie Melodien zieht es mir...

Works by Bach, Gould, Previn, Pärt

At first sight it is quite unlikely to consider the four composers presented to you here as strongly connected. Different places, different times, different backgrounds and different composing techniques should be enough to mean that in fact they have very little or nothing in common. For me though it is much more than a mere presentation of different sides and faces of “classical”music. These are variations on the subject of my most precious inspirations and the music that I have most loved from as early as I can remember...

Ewig Dein Mozart - Lieder und Briefe eines Komponisten

„Ewig Dein Mozart“ CD von Schauspieler und Sänger Max Müller bekannt als Michi Mohr von den "Rosenheim-Cops.   Nach seinem Studium an der Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Wien, widmete sich Max Müller zunächst einmal der Schauspielkunst mit zahlreichen Bühnen- und TV Rollen. Als bayerischer Polizeiobermeister „Michi Mohr“ in der ZDF Erfolgsserie „Die Rosenheim-Cops“ ist er längst Kult!   Der klassische Sänger Max Müller ist vor allen Dingen in seiner Heimat Österreich geschätzt und anerkannt...

Mahler Symphony No. 1

The city of Vienna’s renowned orchestra proudly presents the first production of its own newly founded label "Wiener Symphoniker". This new label is planning to focus on respectable and programmatically well thought-out high-quality recording projects in response to a recording industry which is otherwise more and more focussed on individual stars and starlets.   The first release is a paradigmatic example of the "Wiener Symphoniker's" core repertoire. Gustav Mahler's "1st Symphony in D-Major" was written only four years before the "Wiener Symphoniker" were founded in 1900...

Franz Schubert - Symphony No.3 and No. 5

This is the first of two productions on the just established in-house label of the Sinfonieorchester Basel. The label is maintained worldwide by Solo Musica.   The Basel Symphony Orchestra (Sinfonieorchester Basel) is one of Switzerland's major orchestras and appears both in concert and at the opera house. For decades it has produced a wide array of highlights under the batons of such conductors as Felix Weingartner, Hans Münch, Moshe Atzmon, Matthias Bamert, Gary Bertini, Pierre Boulez, Armin Jordan, Nello Santi, Mario Venzago and Walter Weller...
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